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My Projects

My PhD aims to address knowledge gaps in the production and transport of greenhouse gases from river systems into the coastal and marine environment. On a planet made of over 70% water, sharing knowledge of these fresh and salty habitats is essential to empowering local communities and achieving solutions to global climate change. Read more.


Every year, the River Collective invites 30 bachelors, masters and PhD students from around the world, representing a diverse range of disciplines, to learn about a local case study. In September 2023, the River Collective are taking a new direction through a source-to-sea exploration of the Dart, combining science, art and community empowerment for an interdisciplinary and intercultural education.


My undergraduate thesis investigated the populations of salmon and trout in the Teign catchment, Dartmoor. My mission was to understand how salmonids are coping with rising air and river water temperatures as a consequence of rapid climate change. What I actually discovered was that we may be losing opportunities to monitor salmonid populations due to rising river water temperatures. Read more


Plastic pollution is a global issue with many different sources. In 2018 I was invited to share an Environmental Brief discussing synthetic microfibres released during domestic washing processes and the impact this has on wildlife and humans. Read it here.

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