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Craghoppers: Meet the Ecologists

During the 2023 Summer Solstice, Craghoppers joined myself and my good friend and colleague Guy Hooper on an adventure along the River Dart. We talked about the inspiration we've found through our research and exploring the outdoors while testing out the NosiLife protective clothing to repel biting insects on those essential field sampling days. You can read more here and check out the film on YouTube.


The River Collective: Students for Rivers Camp 2023

For the 5th international Students for Rivers Camp, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the River Collective to bring a motivated group of water enthusiasts to the River Dart in Dartmoor, south-west England. With a diverse transdisciplinary team, we explored the Dart from river to coast, highlighting the variety of challenges facing aquatic ecosystems and enacting change through creative scientific storytelling. Watch the film here.

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